Mental Health Mind, Body & Soul

Bomi Joseph

January 4, 2022

Bomi Joseph Mental Health Mind, Body & Soul

Mental Health

Mental Health involves the Mind. And the mind is the most powerful part of the being. But what exactly is the “Mind?” It has two parts-

1) The physical brain matter and

2) All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that emanate from it.

You cannot outsource mental health. It lies deep within you.

In this article Dr. Bomi Joseph examines ways to strengthen the mind and thereby improve Mental Health.

People’s brain structures are very similar, but the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come from your brain are unique.

You cannot have a strong mind without a strong body. When you fall sick, or get injured,  your mind doesn’t function well. You just don’t have the same concentration and effectiveness. A weak body usually carries a weak mind.

But having a powerful, strong, body doesn’t mean your mind will be strong as well. Developing a strong body just gives you the basic infrastructure to cultivate a strong mind. Most people go to the gym regularly and exercise. They eat properly. Yet they are very stressed, nervous wrecks. Once you get your body strong, you have to do a lot of training to make your mind just as strong, or stronger.

People make the mistake of equating aggressiveness with strength and I think it’s quite wrong. Aggressiveness is compensation for weakness and insecurity. Aggressive people go on a preemptive attack to gain an edge. Being aggressive is just being a jerk and this applies to a man or a woman.

People with strong minds are very peaceful & calm — they don’t get affected by small stuff. They do not have negative thoughts and self doubt. They do not have dark forebodings. They mind their own business and only react when they are faced with a threat. My maternal grandmother was the strongest person I ever met. She barely tipped five feet and weighed less than a hundred pounds.

She fought off militant communists in Malaysia, who killed her husband, and fled to India with her five young children. She started from scratch and became a large estate owner and industrialist. I never saw her get flustered, angry or upset. I never saw her frown. She was always calm. 

Yet, everyone could feel her power and strength. She controlled hundreds of men who worked for her. You felt her dominant presence when she entered the room. She was always loving, gentle and tender. In her gentleness was steely strength. What made my grandmother powerful was her very strong mind.


Over the past 40 years of studying health, here are some of the secrets Bomi Joseph figured out: 

  • Your breath, your lungs, and the intracoastal muscles of the rib cage that power them, are powerfully connected to your mind.
  • Breathing exercises calm the mind. This connection is the basis of meditation and is really important. It empowers you to be in control of your mind… and not the other way around.  
  • Once you are able to control your mind, relaxation and meditation becomes natural. Then the next level of being in control of your life is to clearly define your roles andyour goals. 
  • Knowing your roles lets you plan activities around them. Knowing your goals lets you focus your time on the important events that lead to your goals. Successful people focus their time on the few important things that matter. These are never “urgent.” Unsuccessful people get sidetracked by the “urgent” distractions that are never important. Ever been exhausted after a hectic day and feeling you’ve accomplished nothing? You were busy doing all the urgent and unimportant tasks of the day.
  • Having clear “Roles and Goals” enables you to plan and manage your time effectively. 
  • Effective time management allows you to be successful earning morespending less thereby saving more.
  • Never kid yourself. Never “Market” your image to yourself. Knowing who you truly are allows you more control over your life.

Self Improvement

Many people want to “be spiritual” and “help other people.” But rarely do Bomi Joseph hear someone say that they want to help themselves. It’s very easy to see the fault in others and attempt to help them. It’s very difficult to see the flaws in ourselves and even more difficult to work on our flaws. The ONLY thing, in this whole wide world, that you can change lies deep within you. It’s pointless trying to change others. You will always fail.

Your mind should be only focussed on self improvement. It takes a long time to discover yourself. It takes even longer to improve yourself. And when you are busy trying to improve yourself, you will have no desire to improve others.