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Bomi Joseph is a successful author and an avid advocate of endogenous health.

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Bomi Joseph is a successful author and an avid advocate of endogenous health. He is also a Director at Peak Health Foundation. He is a highly sought-after speaker and has delivered numerous presentations on human health at conferences hosted by the American Medical Association, Singapore’s National Health Services, Malaysian Healthcare, and the Indian Medical Association.

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April 27, 2022

What are the best methods for assessing the health of a population?

In addition to Bomi Joseph, a population health metric’s output should be representative of a dynamic state of well-being in the population being measured. Being alive, operating regularly, and feeling good about oneself are all examples of successful outcomes. Death, loss of function, and a general sense of ill-being are examples of negative consequences, on […]

March 24, 2022

Breathing exercises are important for a number of reasons.

Are breathing exercises useful because they help you relax and focus? Besides relieving stress, these activities also benefit your physical and mental well-being. Counting your breaths when you’re not breathing is an easy workout. As a result of practicing this technique, you will learn to breathe more slowly and more fully. Higher sleep and better […]

Bomi Joseph Mental Health Mind, Body & Soul
January 4, 2022

Mental Health Mind, Body & Soul

Mental Health Mental Health involves the Mind. And the mind is the most powerful part of the being. But what exactly is the “Mind?” It has two parts- 1) The physical brain matter and 2) All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that emanate from it. You cannot outsource mental health. It lies deep within you. […]

Bomi Joseph CBD BioAvailability- Separating Hype From Reality
November 15, 2021

CBD BioAvailability- Separating Hype From Reality

CBD for dogs is gaining in popularity. Does this CBD have to be highly “BioAvailable?” How does our dog, or pet, get affected if normal CBD is given? What is CBD BioAvailability? BioAvailability “Bioavailability” is defined as the fraction of unchanged CBD reaching the circulatory system of our pet. CBD, in its native form, is insoluble in […]

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